Everything about IPL – schedule, venues and timings

IPL schedule
IPL schedule

Excited about 2021 IPL and want to cover each and every topic related to the 2021 IPL then this post is for you. In this post we are going to cover each and every topic related to IPL schedule . So make sure you read the entire post to grab all the knowledge about IPL 2021 schedule ,timings and venues.

BCCI had recently announced IPL schedule along with dates and venues. This time BCCI had made several changes which are far different from the older ones. Some changes had also taken place in venues and timings.

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IPL schedule
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IPL 2021 Schedule

As you all know that the 2021 IPL will premiere from 9 April and will entertain us till 30 May . This IPL will contain 56 matches and some of them will also take place in day as well. We can also consider them as double headers . Talking more about double headers there will be 11 double headers which would be played by different teams but it is not fixed that all the team’s will play double headers.

Changes in IPL Timings

As you all know there are many changes in the current IPL . There are changes in timings which are completely in favour of the audience or supporters . Every year the matches that take place in evening usually starts at 8 pm and the matches played in afternoon start at 3 pm but this time the matches will begin at 7:30 PM. This changes will result in soon ending of the match which will help in waking up early in this work from home norm.

Venues in 2021 IPL

Venues are the most important places because it has various hidden advantages for the playing teams. Focusing in this advantages the conducting or BCCI had made changes in venues as well. This time there will be 5 main cities in which matches will be played . The cities are Ahemdabad, Chennai , Bangalore,Delhi ,Mumbai and Kolkata. Also home ground is a severe advantage to the teams. To overcome this problem this time no team will play any matches on their home grounds which will help in fair play and unbiased results. Also it is not fixed that every team will play on all other grounds.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Will Mumbai play on wankhede stadium?

No ,any team will not play on their home grounds so it’s sure that Mumbai wouldn’t play on their home ground that is wankhede stadium.

At what time will the 2021 IPL matches start?

This time matches will start at 7:30 pm (According to IST) which is officially declared by the conducting body .

How many matches will be there in 2021 IPL?

The 2021 IPL will have 56 matches.

Will there be some matches in day also?

Yes there will be 11 day matches in this season.


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